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Trade Show Video




Art Director

AfterWords Trade show Video

AfterWords is a division of the Restaurant Magic Software, which helps service-driven companies gain a complete picture of their customers' perceptions of their brand. As the main art director for this trade show video, I needed to find creative ways to intrigue a variety of people that might walk by the booth. After working with our Senior Copywriter, I utilized their brand to bring about a very compelling video utilizing After Effects and Premiere.

For this trade show video, the client wanted the audience to get a feel for the feedback the companies may recieve. I decided to create a word collage to highlight some of the comments in a fun way.

Another requirement for this video was to include a demonstration of the applicable apps for their users. I was able to mock-up their work within various digital devices.

For the logo animation, I decided to play off the word, After, and have the A appear first with the remainder of the letters coming out of the original A. Then to make it a bit more playful, I had the star rotate into the O.