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Promo Video




Art Director

TBBCA Promo Video

Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture and the Arts works to unite businesses to champion arts and culture for a more prosperous community. When TBBCA came to us requesting a video to capture what they do, it was clear we needed to go to each event. I was the main videographer over the course of a year to film all types of events. In the end, I was able to stream them together along with two interviews that were provided to me. Overall, this video demonstrates what TBBCA really stands for.

In addition to the footage taken, I was supplied with two interviews from the client. My task was to take these hour-long videos and cut them down to a total of two minutes for this promotional video. Afterwards, I came up with a title animation to introduce each of the speakers.

One of the unique effects with this video is the type treatment. The idea was to emphasis key words that help define the organization. I utilized a treatment where the letters are revealed with various strokes all at the same time.