heather fAko


Feeding Tampa Bay


Don't Label Hunger




Gold Addy Award


Art Director

FTB Don't Label Hunger Campaign

Feeding Tampa Bay is leading their community against hunger one meal at a time. The "Don't Label Me" campaign takes the labels placed on people every day and changes them to the reality of those who go hungry. For this campaign I was brought in during the early stages of the video production. I then developed the storyline and visuals for the final commercial. Through the use of filming, Premiere, and After Effects, we were able to make these videos come to life.

FTB Child Hunger Video

Feeding Tampa Bay came to us with the challenge of creating a video on child hunger for their Fork Fight event. In the early stages of concepting, the statistic of 1 in 4 children really stuck with me━I kept picturing a swing with four children swinging and how one would be left behind. And there was the concept, as simple as that! I storyboarded the idea, while the copywriter wrote the copy. A few weeks later, we went out with a team of four to film this short video. Although I have filmed many events and helped with many videos, this was the first time I directed a shoot with other people. It was a wonderful experience.

FTB Wall Painting

This is a quick stop motion made for the progress of the wall. I animated the beginning and end with After Effects.