heather fAko

Alaska Brochure

This booklet was part of a gift for a couple traveling to Alaska. It was created to give a flavor of Alaska and all the attractions to build anticipation before their trip. There was also an additional Menu item to provide an idea of what to expect for their meals. This was a quick project with only a few days to complete.

Church Booklet

Wesley Memorial Methodist Church is a wonderful church that really gives back to their community. They spend majority of their time giving to others, but they didn't have a way to show this to visitors. I worked diligently to create this brochure for them to show all the activities and volunteer opportunities this church has to offer their community. Over a few weeks, I went to various events to take photos and gather information to fill this booklet using Photoshop and InDesign.

Shark Week Social Video

As a part of our social media team, during Shark week I created some fun videos for our ChappellRoberts team. The first video is a creative way of following a shark through the office. The second video is more of a demonstration of making shark appetizers.