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Gasparilla Interactive Festival




Schifino Lee


Art Director

Gasparilla Interative Festival Branding

When our client came to us with a new addition to the Gasparilla festival, I was very excited to be a part of the branding. The Gasparilla Interactive Festival is a high-tech and innovative brand. The client did not want it to reflect anything from the typical Gasparilla festivities, which includes pirate-themed events. Green is a very new, fresh and innovative color, and the logo consists of squares that are versatile enough for future expansion. This is a brand that can last for years to come, and eventually break off into subsets as needed.

Pallazola & Bedinghaus Branding

Pallazola & Bedinghaus are real estate partners in downtown St. Pete. When they first came to us, the challenge was that they wanted a logo that would stand out, but also fit within the Remax brand. When I was given this task, I wanted to create a clean and simple typography that could stand on its own. After much exploration, we found the perfect combination of colors and typography.

Starkey Ranch 5K Branding

Starkey Ranch came to ChappellRoberts looking for a logo for their upcoming annual 5k run. As our team thought about a previous visit to the community, we recalled the branding in various locations throughout the property. Bringing the branded element into the logo was a logical way to promote this event.

Feeding Tampa Bay's Cultivate Logo

Cultivate represents the Feeding Tampa Bay's young professionals initiative. Feeding Tampa Bay came to us looking for a logo that would coexist with the FTB logo, as well as be strong on it's own. What better way to accomplish this than to utilize the established color palette, as well as the icon so well-known to Feeding Tampa Bay.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Bigs in Blue Logo

Bigs in Blue is a mentoring program that connects youth with police in the community on a one-on-one basis. For this logo, we took the brand purple as well as their secondary blue as an accent color. We also wanted to incorporate a simple badge icon, while utilizing a san-serif type that would be clean and appealing to the eye. Overall, this logo speaks for itself as the Big in Blue initiative takes off.