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Starkey Ranch


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Art Director

Starkey Ranch 5k Campaign

Starkey Ranch came to ChappellRoberts looking for a logo for their upcoming annual 5k run. As our team thought about a previous visit to the community, we recalled the branding in various locations throughout the property. Bringing the branded element into the logo was a logical way to promote this event. For the campaign, focusing on the shoes felt appropriate, while incorporating their orange-yellow colors in the background of the "Just Run with It" campaign. This was a combination of hand-sketches, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

Starkey Ranch General

In addition to the Starkey 5K, I have also been designing general brand pieces for Starkey Ranch. I have been one of the main art directors on this account, and work on direct mailers, digital campaigns & updating their brochure.