heather fAko

AfterWords Trade show Video

AfterWords is a division of the Restaurant Magic Software, which helps service-driven companies gain a complete picture of their customers' perceptions of their brand. As the main art director for this trade show video, I needed to find creative ways to intrigue a variety of people that might walk by the booth. After working with our Senior Copywriter, I utilized their brand to bring about a very compelling video utilizing After Effects and Premiere.

Bexley Communities Cinema Spot 30

Newland Communities came to us with their newest community, Bexley. For this cinema spot, a team of us (the filming crew) worked together to capture the best of this community. Within a few weeks, being the main art director, I synthesized all the clips we filmed to bring this community to life. In the end, we had a version as a backdrop on the main page of the website, as well as the 30 second Cinema. This project consisted of filming with my Canon, Premiere, and After Effects.

TBBCA Promo Video

Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture and the Arts works to unite businesses to champion arts and culture for a more prosperous community. When TBBCA came to us requesting a video to capture what they do, it was clear we needed to go to each event. I was the main videographer over the course of a year to film all types of events. In the end, I was able to stream them together along with two interviews that were provided to me. Overall, this video demonstrates what TBBCA really stands for.

DTCC Avox Video

DTCC is a very high-tech client who needs videos that break down complex information into a simpler form. The Avox video helps to explain information without the use of a voiceover. As the main art director, I utilized my animation skills in After Effects to present information in a fun, easier to digest way.